The Bridge to Recovery specializes in programs designed to help individuals and affected family members suffering from:

Codependency Anger Issues Obsessive Thought Patterns
Trauma Process Addiction Compulsive Behaviors

Learn About our Program Options

The Two Week Program

An introductory two week program designed to help individuals break out of old behavior patterns, introduce them to recovery concepts and principles, and teach them about the complex nature of dependency disorders.

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The Four Week Program

This program includes “Growing Beyond Codependency - Phase 1” and extends for two additional weeks in order to equip participants with skills crucial for sustained recovery.

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The Extended Program

Our Extended Program is ideal for people who have lost or are about to lose more than they can afford (job, marriage, health) because of negative habits.

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Upcoming Workshops

Launch yourself out of that stuck, confused place with one of our 48-Hour intensive workshops.

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