What to Do When You Dread Being Home for the Holidays

What to Do When You Dread Being Home for the Holidays

November 29, 2016

For all of us, the holidays can be a painful time if we are returning home to uncomfortable environments, including dealing with toxic family members. It's easy to find ourselves triggered; those emotional wounds can resurface quickly and painfully. Now, imagine being very early in sobriety, and facing a trip home for the holidays. Or, while battling everything else - family, work, etc. - now you're facing the dreaded holidays with toxic family members. The Bridge to Recovery may be a fantastic option for you. Getting away from such situations is the best gift we can give ourselves during the holidays, and it begins with calling The Bridge to Recovery.

We have programs beginning every other Monday, with space still available, that will allow you to address these deep, unresolved emotional wounds, and allow for a brighter and more peaceful experience in future holidays.

To speak with our Admissions Department, call: (877)866-8661

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