Accelerated Program for Behavioral Health Professionals

The “Accelerated Program for Behavioral Health Professionals”

Many industry professionals elect to participate in either our “Accelerated Program for Behavioral Health Professionals” to improve their own vocational effectiveness by working on boundary issues, caretaking, burnout, or other deep core issues, that have long impacted their ability to achieve full vocational and/or personal growth. 

Our “Accelerated Program for Behavioral Health Professionals” is a 7-day intensive workshop designed solely for professionals within the behavioral health field that are interested in furthering their own personal recovery work.  The Bridge offers a limited schedule of this program, and encourages anyone interested to call as soon as possible, as space does tend to fill quickly. 

This program is hosted on our campus in beautiful Bowling Green, Kentucky in our newly renovated Civil-War era “Cannon Cabin.”  The quaint cabin is surrounded by 115 acres of rolling hills and a tranquil stream, and provides safety and security for professionals to dive in to personal family-of-origin work. 

To receive more information on the Accelerated Program for Behavioral Health Professionals, please contact us today at (877) 866-8661 or download our Program Schedule for 2017.

The Workshop Team

Terra Holbrook, MSW, LCSW, CADC
As Director of Clinical Services, Terra oversees everything from Clinicians to Client Services. She's been working in the addictions and mental health fields since 1993. Terra specialized in the field of Sex, Love and Relationship Addiction.

In this Foundational Workshop you will:

  • Feel supported in your own growth in a private place to work
  • Help develop a spiritual connection with a Higher Power, utilizing tools from the 12 steps
  • Address burn-out
  • Experience a blend of experiential modalities, including: equine, yoga, art therapy, movement therapy, shame reduction, inner child and grief work

Take Action today and infuse your therapy and your life with fresh perspectives, deep insights and a renewed sense of engagement.

Call The Bridge to Recovery at (877) 866-8661 for answers to your questions or to enroll!