At The Bridge, we believe that attending our program does not “end” someone’s journey.  Instead, that journey is just beginning, and once they’ve completed our program, they are a part of our forever family of Alumni.  Furthermore, we believe in the idea that by providing support to our clients, not just while they are with us but beyond, their chances of a successful recovery and long term happiness are much more sustainable.  Because we believe so much in this ideology, The Bridge has developed a strong and ever-growing Alumni Program.

 Our Alumni Program attempts to offer our Alumni supportive measures that meet their needs.  Beginning even before a client leaves our program, they will work with a Client Relations team to assure they have the most ideal resources needed for their return home, including an understanding of available meetings in their home area, where they meet and their times; their discharge planning might also include finding a Therapist in their home area that specializes in areas that the client is focusing on, and getting that first appointment set up for when they return home.  We want to be sure that our clients are prepared in the best way possible to return home, and that any supportive services necessary are set up and ready to go.

Once our Alumni have returned home, we have a designated staff member who is available to them – our Director of Alumni Relations.  Having this direct contact allows our Alumni the opportunity to reach out if they are in need of supportive services, including referral needs, connecting them with Alumni Supports Groups or other Alumni in their area when available, and connecting them with upcoming Alumni events.

In expanded efforts to provide further supportive services we have recently added even more supportive services, including exclusive Alumni-only Social Media connections, Webinars, Alumni-only “refresher” workshops, and much more.  For more information on our Alumni Program, please contact our program at (877) 866-8661 to be connected with our Director of Alumni Relations. 

The Bridge is a proud member of TPAS (Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services).  This non-profit membership organization is the first of its kind focusing on shifting the paradigm of alumni recovery services, with focus on finding industry-wide strategies to improve outcomes resulting in longer term recovery.  Further strengthening our belief in this movement, and the importance of Alumni services in the industry, our Director of Alumni Relations serves as a committee member for TPAS Collaboratives allowing The Bridge to be on the forefront of the best and most up-to-date practices in Alumni Recovery Services.