Something To Believe In

Like Alcoholics Anonymous, The Bridge to Recovery was founded in the Christian tradition and has evolved into a diverse, inclusive program with a simple agenda: to be of assistance to people suffering who are seeking abundant life and better health.

We neither promote nor discourage religion and religious practices but rather support the development of true spirituality and the moderate, balanced exercise of faith as the individual sees fit in the context of his/her understanding of God.

Our staff has a unique, empathetic understanding of people from all walks of faith and non-faith beliefs, which permits us to address recovery issues that arise from negative or traumatic religious experiences. Cause-to-effect relationships are examined without blaming.

When practiced in a moderate, balanced manner, religion can be a helpful aspect of recovery. But because it can also be practiced harmfully, we examine religious issues that lead to the abuse of self or others. We confront addictive or abusive religious behaviors as symptomatic while, at the same time, supporting the gradual development of a mature, healthy, meaningful relationship with a power greater than self.

We encourage clients to recognize their powerlessness over their codependency and other mal-adaptive behaviors, support them in acknowledging that a power greater than themselves can restore them to sanity, and invite them to turn their lives over to a higher power they can relate to at their current level of maturity, confident that, by the time they complete Step 12, they will have experienced a genuine spiritual awakening.

Our program may not be suitable for inquirers seeking a facility that encourages clients into any specific religious commitments before they have achieved sobriety, recovery and maturity. There are religion-specific programs that provide such direction, but The Bridge is not one of them.

Our goal is simple: to support clients in achieving sustainable recovery. We encourage you to consider the kind of treatment environment that will be most useful to you and let your enlightened conscience guide you in making a choice. We'll be honored to share our experience, strength, and hope with you if you decide to come here.