Clinical Summary

Clinical Summary

The Four Phase Model (Download)

Referral Liaison

The clinical staff wants to involve referents who refer their patients here in the continuum of care. We are willing to communicate with you as often as you wish, involve you in aftercare planning, and provide written treatment summaries if you desire. If you care to do so, we would welcome your sending a clinical assessment and report of the work you have completed with the client in advance. It would also be helpful if you would have the client sign a “release of information” form in your office and fax a copy to us so we can communicate with you from the start.

Admission Procedure

Initial contact by the referents on behalf of a patient may be made by contacting our Admissions Coordinators at 877-866-8661.

We conduct a telephone interview with all prospective clients to determine whether or not our program is suitable for them. Our programs are designed for clients who are highly motivated and who require minimal supervision, which means they need to be able to abstain from their primary addictions without constant surveillance so that we can treat their underlying issues. We will not power struggle with them at the level of their primary addictions. If they are unable to abstain, we will refer them to a hospital-based primary-care facility.

Another parameter that must be considered is that of medication. Our outcome studies show that our programs are not ideal for clients who are taking more than three psycho-tropic medications. Generally, a dual-diagnosis, hospital-based program is more appropriate. Once they are stabilized, our program may be very effective and timely.