Client Admittance

Client Admittance


The Bridge has served many treatment, mental health, and addictions industry professionals in our 2-week intensive Codependency program. From Private Therapists, Treatment Center Staff, Interventionist, and so on, The Bridge continues with the commitment to help those in the field who are struggling vocationally, or in other areas of their lives.

Workaholism, caretaking, control issues, and burnout are just several codependency issues we often see with our professional clientele. Known for long hours, little pay, understaffing, and holding the lives of others in their hands, these industries have earned a reputation for causing these issues. Additionally, in this industry, we often employ recovering individuals, whom combined with these extreme environments, sustainable recovery can be affected. We recognize that many of these individuals can benefit from our 2-week program. So often, by addressing the deep core issues that make so many vulnerable to workaholism, burnout, compassion fatigue, relapse, and relationship issues – all of which affect vocationally effectiveness.

Treatment Centers, Interventionist, Clinician Based Staff, and more have recognized that by assisting their employees into our program, not only does the employee’s health benefit overall, but they are also better able to perform job duties and serve their own clientele. Because The Bridge recognizes that the unique treatment we provide can benefit so many in our industry, we offer a discounted rate at both our Santa Barbara and Bowling Green locations for our 2-week program, and even extended programming as well.

If you have an employee or are interested in the program yourself, please call our trained admission staff. As with any client, participation in the program is held to strict confidentiality. We invite you to call us to learn more about how we can assist your treatment staff.


The vast majority of referrals made to The Bridge are from professionals in the industry. At The Bridge, we strive to employ the expertise of the referring professional in the process and progress of their client while in our program. From our Admissions Process to our Case Management system, we want our referents involved every step of the way.

We recognize that referring one of your clients to The Bridge is not only a representation of us, but of you as well. We have found that by visiting The Bridge, many referents not only feel more comfortable making that referral, but do so consistently because of the long-standing relationship they form. We invite you to schedule a visit to either of our facilities to learn more about our program.

If you are ready to make that next step, and explore referring a client into our program, please contact one our trained admissions staff who will assist you and your client in that process. Please click on the “Clinical Summary” link to learn more.