Our Approach

Our Approach

The Bridge to Recovery has programs in Bowling Green, Kentucky. These programs are designed to assist individuals and affected family members suffering from codependence, trauma and a wide range of addictions. Additionally we work with family members affected by abuse, neglect, abandonment, enmeshment and other issues that hinder personal growth, relationships and vocational effectiveness. Our treatment programs range from two weeks to twelve weeks or longer depending on the needs of our clients.

The Bridge to Recovery was established in 1972 as a nonprofit organization with the sole purpose of helping individuals and families identify problems hindering their social, emotional, and vocational development. In 1974, the Foundation purchased a picturesque ninety acre site in Warren County, Kentucky as a permanent home to The Bridge.

The founders’ vision was to create a program of recovery from unhealthy dependencies geared to the needs of young people reared in conservative religious families who had become alienated from family, church, and God for various reasons, including substance abuse. As time went on and the success of the program became well known, the target group became broader.

“The Bridge provides a safe and secluded environment
in which to thoroughly address the underlying issues that
deeply affect an individual’s ability to thrive.”

Over nearly forty years, our model has evolved. The Bridge provides a safe and secluded environment in which to thoroughly address the underlying issues that deeply affect an individual’s ability to thrive. Our environment is divers and intergenerational. However, the underlying issues of individuals and their families are somewhat universal. Thus, there can be people with different problems and primary addictive processes in the same room and they can still be productive as a therapeutic community. In fact, such diversity actually fuels the healing process. As individual clients do their recovery, they grow in self-awareness, learn more about how their families of origin shaped them and cultivate genuine compassion for their fellow group members whose problems are different from theirs – but yet strikingly similar. It is a powerful interface.

Our approach is two-fold and helps clients simultaneously work on their issues from the outside in and the inside out. From the outside, clients will address their current addictions (alcohol, drugs, sex, food, etc) and/or other compulsive behavior patterns (workaholism, control, perfectionism, misery depression, anxiety, rage, anger, etc). These are addressed through abstinence, participation in 12-Step communities and doing step work. At the same time, clients will work from the inside out to effectively address their historical issues and the pain and shame associated with them. This work is done through a variety of evidence based experiential therapeutic modalities including group therapy, equine assisted therapy, psychodrama, personal narrative work and inner child affective therapy. This two-fold approach is effective because as individuals abstain from their addictive behaviors, they are more able to address the underlying historical issues.

The Bridge to Recovery is a program of self-development for people struggling with any negative habit: chemical dependence, codependence, or non-chemical dependencies. Our program creates the nurturing and guidance necessary for such individuals to achieve reasonably high levels of self-esteem and social effectiveness. It also serves as an excellent relapse prevention program for chemically dependent people. Sustainable recovery is the over-all goal.