The Extended Program

When to attend The Bridge

Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between sustainable recovery and length of stay in treatment. Our Phase Three program is ideal for people that have lost or are about to lose more than they can afford to lose (job, marriage, health) because of negative habits. It is especially helpful for recovering addicts, alcoholics, and codependents who are the verge of relapse. A long-term commitment is often necessary to address significant changes. Phase Three gives clients an adequate opportunity to establish and reinforce new lifestyle habits in a nurturing atmosphere.

In addition to all of the material included in Phases One and Two, this important extension to the program is based on individual needs and covers:

  • Learning to model healthy relationship skills to the next generation.
  • Developing a self-designed relapse prevention program and the motivation to follow through.
  • Unlearning negative social habits that threaten relationships and replacing them with functional skills
  • Identifying and adopting attitudes needed for mature and mutually respectful relationships.
  • Learning to appreciate and enjoy parenting.

Extended Care Program

After completion of our 12-Week program, selected participants will have the opportunity to participate in our Extended Care Program. In this program, participants reside in our Extended Care housing, work on-site to contribute toward the costs associated with their programming, and participate in an arranged programming schedule. This allows participants who are fearful about returning home to a threatening, unstable, or otherwise problematic environment, to remain in safe therapeutic community to focus on rebuilding their aftercare. Participants are only eligible for his program upon completion of the 12-week program, have been approved by the Clinical Director, and with bed-availability.