Attending Our Program

Attending Our Program

When the Program Starts

Our residential program is unique, in that because we recognize the importance of developing trust and security with those you will be engaging with, we do not allow for “open” admissions (or, in other words, for clients to admit at any time). We believe so strongly in the importance of creating a safe and secure environment for our clients that we have a set admission date, which occurs every-other Monday.  This ensures clients will be able to openly and safely connect with their group members, without having new members invading that newly developed sense of safety or current members leaving mid-experience creating new abandonment issues.

Registering for our program is extremely simple. Our trained Admissions Team will schedule with you an over-the-phone confidential intake screening, which typically takes about 45 minutes or more, to assure we get an accurate assessment. During that time, they will review with you your interest in attending The Bridge, current maladaptive behaviors your experiencing, your trauma history, any chemical use and/or dependence issues, medical history, treatment history, and demographical information. This intake screening helps the admissions team to insure that our program is the best fit for you and your needs. After receiving approval from our Clinical Team, your personal Admissions Coordinator will then send to you a Welcome Packet with further information, such as traveling to The Bridge on admissions day, deposits & payment, FAQ’s, etc.

On admissions day, our Admissions Staff and our Clinical Staff are ready to welcome you to The Bridge.  You will do some initial registration paperwork, and will then have the opportunity to get checked into your room.

Your Program Length of Stay

At The Bridge, we also recognize that every individual is unique in their healing process, including the amount of time it takes for healing to occur.  Like with any physical surgery, a Doctor can never tell you exactly how long it will take your body to heal. Attending The Bridge is much like a deep emotional surgery, and it is impossible to estimate how long it will take your mind AND body to heal.

Because it is important to us to allow you to heal at YOUR pace, and nurture the process as it happens, we have a unique setup with our program length of stay. Our minimum length of stay is 2 weeks (14 days). Many clients commit to 2 weeks, experience absolutely amazing progress in that 2 weeks and then decide to conclude their time at The Bridge after that 2 weeks. However, there are also those that commit to 2 weeks and during their stay uncover unresolved areas that need further work; or maybe it takes them longer to connect with those underlying wounds – whatever the many reasons might be, clients have the option of extending their stay for another 2 weeks.

In reality, clients can stay up to a total of 12 weeks, or even more if deemed necessary.  It is all up to the individual as to what they decide their mind, body and soul needs; but never will you find yourself in a situation where you have opened yourself up, you are engaged in the process only for the program to conclude and you return home hurting and raw.  It is important to us that you can nurture your healing on your timeline, not ours.

If you are unsure, and asking yourself “how long will I need,” we encourage clients who are ready to make the step of attending our program to sign up for 2 weeks. Then, as you conclude those 2 weeks you will know for sure what your next step should be. Additionally, there are times when clients know they want to stay longer than 2 weeks – many clients commit up front to 4 weeks, 6 weeks, sometimes even 12 weeks. Your personal Admissions Coordinator will help you answer questions regarding your length of stay. Making the decision to attend any kind of residential program is always the biggest hurdle – once you have made that decision, the rest will fall into place. As we always say, TRUST THE PROCESS.