The Four Week Program

When to attend The Bridge

This program further equips participants with skills crucial for sustained recovery. Clients learn the nature of addiction and compulsion, how they trigger each other, and what is required to break out of unhealthy patterns of thinking and doing.




This Program focuses on:


  • Caring for and nurturing yourself in positive ways.
  • Taking responsibility for your emotional, social, and spiritual health.
  • Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in all areas of one’s life.
  • Creating and implementing an individualized and in-depth continuing care plan that promotes sustainable recovery.
  • Doing specific 12-Step work on the addiction(s) and other compulsive behaviors one has identified as being unmanageable and detrimental to the client’s physical, mental & emotional health, relationships and vocational objectives.
  • Grieving your personal losses.
  • Learning how to improve the quality of one’s interpersonal relationships.
  • Doing in depth work on one’s own family of origin.