Helping a Friend or Family Member

Helping a Friend or Family Member

Is someone you love suffering from low self-esteem? Afraid to be his or her own person? controlled by forces over which he or she has no control? Compelled by a substance, activity, or person to do things he or she doesn’t want to do? Is her or she unable to live their own life?

Our program is for:

Anyone who is addicted to a person, substance, or process (alcohol, drugs, work, sex, gambling, spending, perfectionism, negativity, caretaking, control, obsessive religious practices, misery, rage, food, to name a few).

Individuals who are reared in a stressful, neglectful, painful or troubled environment in early life. People who have suffered major childhood losses (death, deprivation, or divorce) that are affecting their ability to function in the present.

Those who are being or have been subjected to emotional repression and spiritual, psychological, physical, or sexual abuse.

People who need relief from the debilitating aspects of self doubt or self-loathing.

Those who want to identify recurring problems in their lives that threaten their sobriety or their personal well-being and that of their loved ones.

mature coping skills.

Those who recognize that addiction is behavior that bypasses the rational mind and will and that, in order to maintain stable recovery, they need to find a spiritual solution.