Our Core Program

Our Core Program

The Bridge to Recovery is situated on 115 sprawling acres in Western Kentucky. Our facility fosters a sense of retreat and serenity, allowing our guests to induce deep healing. Visit our photo gallery

Our program ranges from 2 weeks to 12 weeks or more, depending on the individual needs of the client.  Our set admission dates occur every-other week and can only accommodate a limited number of participants. This allows us to provide an intimate environment where all participants feel comfortable and secure. Our staff ratio of (up to) 3 clients per therapist allows for individualized one-on-one attention when needed, yet the group experience elicits the necessary support and safety to allow for the healing process to occur.

At The Bridge our primary goal is to address the “roots” of the pain, shame, and guilt while addressing the symptomatic behaviors. We utilize experiential therapy modalities to assist clients in reaching those deeply rooted wounds. Our specialized methods include Equine Assisted Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Meditation, Body Movement Therapy, Self-Love Work, Boundary Building Work, and Yoga. The Bridge to Recovery staff is dedicated and highly trained, with expertise in a wide range of specialties, such as trauma care, sex, love & relationships, body movement & trauma-trained yoga, spirituality, and many more. Many of our amazing team of admissions staff, clinical staff, and aftercare/outreach staff combine to share decades of personal recovery experience. Meet our staff.

Our program is ideal for those individuals who are merely surviving in their own lives, and would like to be thriving. Those who attend The Bridge to Recovery report a renewed enthusiasm for life, and an overall emotional recovery.

Our goal is to provide a full spectrum of care to secure a strong foundation for recovery.  Our large family of Alumni are supported by an ever-growing Alumni Program providing supportive events, workshops, and social connection to nurture long term recovery.  Because we believe so strongly in providing continued support even after our clients leave The Bridge, we are proud to be members of Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services, ensuring that we continually provide the absolute best support to our Alumni. To learn more about our Alumni Program, visit our Alumni page.

Please explore our website for further information, or call us for a free confidential screening. Whether you are inquiring for yourself or a loved one, our Admissions staff is ready to answer your questions. You can take comfort in knowing they are highly trained and fully supportive. Many of our employees have experienced the program first hand, providing them with a unique sense of compassion and understanding.


If you are a behavioral health professional who is interested in attending The Bridge to Recovery, please inquire about our Accelerated Program. This program is separate from our core residential program described above, and is only for those who work in the field of behavioral health, mental health, or addiction. Our “Accelerated Program for Behavioral Health Professionals” offers several start-dates throughout the year. For more information, please check out our Professionals Page.