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The Bridge to Recovery is, and always has been a nonprofit, 501c3 organization.  This means we make ZERO profit off of our clients attending our program.  Fees paid to The Bridge for services and charitable giving are the sole means for The Bridge’s survival.  Without charitable contributions over the past 4 decades, The Bridge to Recovery would have been unable to help change, impact and transform so many lives.

Whether you are an Alumnus of The Bridge, an Advocate for The Bridge’s services, or just a supporter of the program, we highly encourage you to consider making a charitable contribution to our program.  Every day, lives are transformed at our program – people’s lives improve, they find happiness, self-work and become active participants in their own lives again.  Please help allow us to continue this work.

Where does my donation go?

The Bridge to Recovery has many different capacities in which a donation might be used, and by making your charitable donation, it’s completely up to you as to how you would like it used.

  • Operations Fund:  By making a charitable contribution and electing it used for the Operations Fund, you are allowing your donation to be used for many different operating needs, including day-to-day operations, staffing & training, etc. 
  • Capital Campaign Fund:  After over four decades of operation, The Bridge to Recovery requires continued and on-going maintenance and improvements to facilities, from the residences, the main lodge, landscaping & grounds, ropes course, and recreation areas.  Additionally, in order to maintain the highest level of services and provide the best therapeutic programs, new services and amenities are added.  By making a charitable contribution to the Capital Campaign Fund, you are allowing us to make these needed additions and improvements.

    UPDATE:  In 2014, with the help of charitable gifts our Civil-War era log cabin (the original dwelling on our property) underwent a complete overhaul to salvage the charm of the cabin, yet make needed updates and modernization.  Named the “Cannon Cabin” after our Founders Paul & Carol Cannon, it now hosts our Accelerated Program for Behavioral Health Professionals, our Alumni Intensive, and many events throughout the year.  Additionally, with additional funds left available from charitable gifts, our Men’s Residence also received a complete renovation, including bedroom redesigns, new paint and flooring, new carpet, new furniture and much more.  We are ecstatic at the results of both of these projects, and are delighted to provide our clients more updated amenities.  It would not have been possible without kindhearted individuals who made it possible through charitable giving. 

  • The Life Saver Fund:  Due to our small size and our nonprofit status, and because we do everything possible to keep our fees for services as low as possible, it is virtually impossible for The Bridge to provide “full” scholarships for our clients.  However, with charitable contributions made to our Life Saver Fund, when funds are available, we can offer clients who provide proof of need additional discounts on our fees for services.  This allows us to help more clients by efficiently using your gifts. 
  • Unelected Gift:  Sometimes, it’s hard to project where we a charitable gift will be most useful.  Sometimes we might have an overwhelming amount of gifts elected for the Capital Campaign Fund and an empty Life Saver Fund (or visa-versa) – so while we have a surplus in one area, we might lack in another.  By giving an Unelected Gift, you are trusting The Bridge to utilize that monetary donation in whichever fund is most in need. 

Who Can I Talk To About Making a Charitable Gift?

We truly understand that charitable giving in this day and age can be scary – you never know where your funds are being spent, or even if the organization is a legitimate charitable program.  We do not want that to be the case if you are considering a gift to The Bridge.  If you are interested in learning more about our program, or how a charitable gift will be used, please contact our program at (877) 866-8661 and our staff will connect you with our CEO. 

Lastly, we want to emphasize that no gift, large or small is un-noticed in our program.  We are blessed to have donors who have sent gifts as low as $5.00 per month all the way to large gifts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  EVERY gift that our program receives helps us continue with our mission.  Some gifts are made anonymously, some gifts come during specific campaigns that we advertise (such as a specific capital campaign), some gifts come during holiday times – charitable giving happens in all sorts of ways, and we invite you to make a gift to The Bridge in a way that best fits your needs. 

Where Can I Send My Charitable Gift?

If you are ready to make a Charitable Donation to The Bridge to Recovery, there are several ways you can do so:

  • By Credit Card: If you would like to make a donation via a Visa, Mastercard or American Express, please call our office at (877) 866-8661 and let them know you would like to make a Credit Card donation.  They can help process your request directly over the phone.
  • By Check:  If you would like to make a donation via check, please send to –
    Attention: Accounting Department
    1745 The Bridge Rd.
    Bowling Green, KY 42101
  • Paypal:  If you would like to make a donation via Paypal, please click the link below to be taken to our Paypal account website.  

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