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Compulsion: Doing it perfect, being the best

Like other process addictions we discuss and address, perfection is one that often is found paired up with others, such as relationships, caretaking, and people pleasing. Many people have the want to achieve things to the best of their ability. However, with perfectionism, it becomes a compulsion to do all things perfect, or be the very best at something.

For many of our clients suffering from perfectionism, pleasure-inducing hobbies or activities are found un-appeasing due to the need to be the best. Some may define themselves as a perfectionist in all aspects of their lives, and others may define themselves as a perfectionist in only certain parts of their lives (such as work or school).

Many traumatic events can trigger perfection issues. By working to address these traumatic events, and begin to heal from them, our clients find that their need to constantly do things perfectly or be the best begins to diminish.

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