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Thank you for considering The Bridge To Recovery as a treatment option for your clients. As a practicing clinician, I've found their program to be clinically sound, reflecting a true multidisciplinary approach for each client. Professional staff stability and communication with referring professionals is handled in a timely and clinically responsible manner. Perhaps most important is their outstanding treatment of the individual client's "core issues"–the heartbeat of addictive behaviors.

On a personal note, after visiting The Bridge as a referring clinician, I made the decision to choose this facility to work on my own childhood issues and completed a one month treatment stay in 2005. It was the single best decision of time investment, financial resources and emotional healing I've ever made for my own life. Please feel free to contact me directly if you feel I can be of assistance to you as you consider treatment for your clients. I can be reached at:

- KathyJo Dennison
Featured Testimony

“I often refer people who have compulsive patterns of all kinds to The Bridge. The work they do stabilizes their behavior, feelings and thoughts so they can commit to the long-term process of recovery. The Bridge helps people understand how their unresolved trauma creates the need for codependency and addictions and then teaches them how to stay sober in their primary addictions so the underlying trauma work can be done. And people can get the long-term care they need without spending their entire life’s savings in the process. I’ve had great success in referring people to The Bridge.”

- Jeff Seat, M.Div., Ph.D.
Certified Addictions Specialist

“I am a huge fan of The Bridge To Recovery because they are so incredibly effective at helping my patients to address family of origin issues and to return uniformly ready to really dig into therapy with me. They come back glowing and tell me I am a genius because I sent them there! They go to their 12-step fellowship meetings with a great attitude and with great frequency. The Bridge staff stays in touch with me throughout, with frequent phone calls; they are willing to do telephone consults with me with the patient present as needed. So, I feel a part of the treatment team and there is great continuity of care before, during and after. I have sent my own family members there–that ought to speak for itself.”

- Ronni Rittenhouse

“In my experience the biggest problem we have in the US today regarding addiction is the codependence of friends and family members. One of the best places I’ve found to treat codependency is The Bridge to Recovery. The staff is excellent, the food is good, and I love the serene valley in which it’s located.”

- John Southworth, CADC
Southworth Associates