Requesting Records

Requesting Records

Greetings! If you are needing information regarding a former client of TBR, please follow these directions in order to obtain that information:

*Print out the ROI document here

*Have the former client fill out the document. You do not need to sign as a witness on the staff line, that is for our use only please.  

*Send the document in to Kimberly Bratton, BSW, Client Relations Specialist via email at or fax to her attention at 270-777-1676

Please be advised that all records requests can take up to three business days for completion. Also, please note that staff members have a three week window to complete Discharge Summaries; if it has not been three weeks since your client’s departure, please be patient while your documents are being completed by staff members. Lastly, if you have any questions regarding the completion of the form please contact Kimberly via email or phone.