Obsession: Power over everything
Compulsion: Being in charge

The feeling of having no control can often have the opposite impact on our lives – the need to try and control or have power over everything else. When our boundaries are invaded, and we feel a loss of control, this area of our lives can often be directly impacted in a very negative way. Additionally, other feelings such as abandonment can also trigger our need to control things in our lives.

Some of our clients describe their “control issues” as being in one specific area of their lives – such as work or school, or parenting. Others will describe themselves as being “control addicts” in which they feel the need to have power over every aspect of their lives – including family, work, recreation & hobby, projects & vacations, money & finances, etc. Whatever type of control issues you might be experiencing, it can be hindering your ability to thrive in other areas of your life as well.

Control issues are just a symptom of deeper pain caused by traumas or pain-inducing events in our lives. In our program, clients will work to understand how these traumas impacted their behavior today. While doing so, they will learn healthy boundary setting, regaining a healthy sense of self. By learning to regain these boundaries once lost, our clients are able to lessen their need to control other aspects of their lives.

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