Our Location

Our Location

The Bridge to recovery was established in 1972 as a nonprofit organization with the sole purpose of helping individuals and families identify problems hindering their social, emotional, and vocational development. In 1974, the Foundation purchased a picturesque ninety acre site in Warren County, Kentucky.

Our program has been developed and proven successful over the decades. Our accommodations provide a nurturing and safe environment conducive to the therapeutic atmosphere unique to The Bridge. We are nestled on nearly 100 acres just north of Nashville, Tennessee. Located in the rolling hills of western Kentucky, country charm envelopes guests the moment they step foot onto our property.  A beautiful creek splits the property in half, where clients and guests utilize the walking bridge, which is a renowned symbol of The Bridge, seen in almost all of our print materials.

When originally discovered, The Bridge had one building on the nearly 100 acre property – a Civil War era log cabin that was the original site for residences and programming. Today it’s named the “Cannon Cabin.” This original dwelling underwent a major reconstruction and update in 2014.  Externally, the aging logs and the infrastructure was repaired, and new siding was put on providing a beautiful update, yet still capturing the charm of the era.  Inside, a complete make-over took place.  Today, the Cannon Cabin is home to our Accelerated Program for Behavioral Health Professions, our Alumni Intensive Workshops, and many other events throughout the year.

Today, The Bridge has 4 separate buildings on its property, including the original log cabin. “The Lodge” is a multipurpose building where clients attending The Bridge spend the majority of their time. It houses all therapeutic programming, the dining room, a sauna, workout facilities, a recreational room, and all administrative offices.

“Lorne’s Place” is located approximately 200 yards from The Lodge, and is our women’s residence. Having the ability to provide a warm environment to 15 women, Lorne’s Place is a beautiful 3-story home having 6 bedrooms, and a separated House Manager suite. Additionally, Lorne’s Place has a main living area, and 2 smaller living/resting areas on the upper and lower floors. A large stone fireplace greets guests as they enter Lorne’s Place.

The “Denski House” is located on the farthest portion of the property, separated by the other buildings due to the creek running through the property. The Denski House is our men’s residence, and can welcome up to 12 men. This ranch-style home also received a complete makeover in 2014, providing modern updates and reconstruction to provide more comfortable accomodations.  With the backdrop containing a classic old red barn, hayfields, and hills directly behind it, the Denski House has the character of an Andy Warhol painting.

The Bridge contains a multitude of amenities and therapeutic activities. Due to its surroundings, The Bridge has excellent opportunities for nature walking and hiking. Known for its caves, Kentucky produces some of the most beautiful hiking with scenic waterfalls. Adjacent to The Bridge is a beautiful hiking opportunity to a waterfall, which is often made into a therapeutic activity.

Most recently added, The Bridge in proud to include a ropes course on our property, which is part of our Phase 2 programming. Equine Assisted Therapy is also a beloved activity at The Bridge, and is conducted at a neighboring property less than one quarter mile from The Bridge.

The Bridge has been described as “magical” by so many of our guests and clients. Many are often taken aback by the beauty they experience when stepping onto our property. The Bridge is truly a retreat away from everything – the hustle and bustle of the city, cell phones and labtops, work and family – giving our clients an amazing opportunity to truly reconnect with their inner self.