Obsession: The next process
Compulsion: Do, do, do, busy, busy, busy

Work is one of those things that most of us dread, but it seems to be a necessary evil in life. We must work to make money and support ourselves. However, for those suffering from codependency, work is one of those areas that can often become an unhealthy means to escape the realities of deep pain.

Whether it be an actual addiction to work, known as “workaholism,” or utilizing work as an escape, either negative behavior pattern can be detrimental to our ability to thrive, often impacting other areas of our lives, including our relationships, parenting, vocational effectiveness, etc.

Generally, our clients who suffer from work related issues also will describe other issues as well, such as a need for control or feelings of being out of control except while working, self esteem or a self identity only defined by who we are at work, feeling of being needed only experienced at work or by co-workers, and feelings of power and superiority offered at work.

Work related issues are just a symptom of deeper pain caused by traumas or pain-inducing events in our lives. By addressing those underlying core issues, clients often find that they have better vocational outcomes and effectiveness because of their newly improved and developed sense of self, ability to set healthy boundaries, and learn their own personal balance.

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