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The Bridge to Recovery is a residential workshop working to heal the lives of individuals suffering from the effects of trauma including anxiety, depression, codependency, and many other negative behavior patterns, by addressing the core causes of their emotional pain. Our program, with a philosophy focused on providing cost-friendly opportunities of the highest quality and ethical standards, aims to address the core causes of emotional pain.

Our non-profit program sets itself apart with closed admission dates, a set stay of 2, 4, or 6 weeks, limited group sizes, and an exclusive focus on group work—distinguishing itself as a small, non-profit organization with over 50 years of healing experience.

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Our Non-Profit Mental Health Workshop in Kentucky

At The Bridge to Recovery, our clients embark on a minimum 2-week journey, with the flexibility to extend up to 6 weeks as needed. With a maximum occupancy of 30 clients and an average of 16, the program emphasizes small group therapy, offering approximately 42 hours weekly. Our Kentucky mental health care facility, nestled on 120+ acres in Bowling Green provides a serene setting with unique modalities like yoga, equine therapy, nature walks, art therapy, music therapy, and various 12-step meetings.

Just an hour and 20 minutes North from Nashville, Tennessee sits our healing refuge. Hidden away on 120 acres of rolling Kentucky hills.

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We are a transformational residential program helping heal the lives of individuals suffering from trauma & codependency, by addressing the core causes of their emotional pain.


To provide cost-friendly opportunities of the highest quality & ethical standards for suffering people to uncover their pain, discover their truth, and transform their life.


For our non-profit center to provide space to nurture our innate perseverance to survive from painful events, heal our relationship with ourself and the world around us.


We are a diverse group of healing advocates with unique personal & professional journeys, committed to our clients, their families, our industry, and our community.

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The Bridge to Recovery sets itself apart by not only offering traditional therapeutic approaches such as CBT, narrative therapy, psych education but also integrating holistic modalities like yoga, equine therapy, and nature walks. These activities, combined with the various 12-step meetings, art and music therapy, contribute to a comprehensive and immersive healing experience.

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Our mental health care program's commitment to accessibility is evident not only in its small-town feel with a big heart for recovery but also in its convenient location, just a one-hour drive from Nashville Airport. This accessibility makes it easier for clients to seamlessly transition into a peaceful recovery oasis on our expansive 120+ acres in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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Our inpatient Kentucky mental health facility can be an oasis of healing and hope, offering a unique and comprehensive program rooted in a commitment to individuals’ well-being and the transformative power of recovery.

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