Specializing in Healing Trauma & Codependency Since 1972

At The Bridge to Recovery, we work to uncover pain-producing trauma, reframe it in a healthy manner, heal the woundedness within us, break down symptomatic coping behaviors such as codependency, anxiety, and other maladaptive behaviors, relearn and regain critical boundaries that were damaged, develop healthy emotional response skills and behavior patterns in place of unhealthy ones, and recover the person suffering. By working to heal the underlying pain, the negative symptomatic responses are reduced or eliminated, allowing for a healthy and fulfilled future.

If you are experiencing any of the above, it is time to take your life back. By attending our program at The Bridge, you will have the opportunity to take an in-depth look at your experiences, your emotional development, your trauma, the trauma bonds created, your trauma response system, and how it has all shaped your behavior and your life today. When we experience painful events, we can be robbed of the ability to live a healthy, satisfying life. However, there is hope to experience healing and happiness, and we can help you attain it. Learn more about Attending Our Program…


A Workshop Model with a Treatment Mindset

Our unique program focuses on the power of community, creating a nurturing environment while you work towards recovery. In our nearly five decades of operation, we have found that authentic healing happens within a group setting where needs and issues are addressed head-on. Through multiple methods of experiential therapy, including narrative therapy, equine assisted psychotherapy, integrative work and many others, we help you let go of past emotional wounds and find who you are again.

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Transforming lives for more than 40 years, the Bridge to Recovery is a not-for-profit residential program located on 115 acres of land in beautiful rural Kentucky, providing a serene environment for the healing process. Through uncovering past emotional wounds, we help to heal all forms of trauma - leading to emotional recovery and a renewed enthusiasm for life.

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Understanding Trauma

Emotional trauma is often the root of negative emotions and behaviors that can hold us back. At The Bridge to Recovery, we define trauma as any event(s) in one’s life, during any stage of life, that causes pain. Sometimes, the pain we experience through our lives can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Pain is at the root of negative maladaptive behaviors, and these negative behaviors are symptoms of unresolved trauma. At the Bridge to Recovery, we specialize in helping individuals heal from their unresolved trauma.

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If you're in any kind of pain at all and you're not sure where it's coming from, and everything you've considered hasn't worked, you absolutely need to get to The Bridge.

- Bridge Alumnus, “A”

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For Behavioral Health Professionals

When working in any of the “helping” professions, it is easy to find ourselves overworked, burnt-out, and experiencing compassion fatigue. Additionally, we have often experienced our own trauma, family of origin issues, and family systems struggles. What we struggle to find is a safe environment, free from professional roles and responsibilities to do our own work. At The Bridge, we provide a program for professionals to do just that. For more information, visit Healing the Healer.

For The Bridge to Recovery Alumni

We take great strides in offering you the support you may continue to need after you graduate from The Bridge to Recovery. Our Alumni Program provides continued guidance for our clients after they leave our program. We hold regional events, an Alumni Homecoming, and a secret Facebook group for ongoing communication. Recovery is a journey, and our team is with you every step of the way.

Resources and Blog

The Bridge to Recovery offers many other resources on emotional trauma, depression & anxiety, codependency and other deeply rooted issues. Whether you are wanting to dive deeper into the healing process or are interested in learning more about our programs, our resources library and blog are available to you.

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