At The Bridge to Recovery, clients often report to us that attending our program came at just the right time in their lives.  But, the journey getting there is often rocky, painful, and paved in doubt. Here, our Alumnus Lisa so beautifully shared her journey to our program and the experience she gained from it.

After a life-long struggle with depression and co-dependency manifesting in numerous toxic relationships and marriages, I awoke in an ICU unit following an “accidental” overdose while clinging to a life I no longer wished to live. I had been in a four-year relationship with a narcissist, the consequences of which almost cost me my life. 

After being forced into early retirement, losing my home, friends, and all that was familiar I found myself at “rock bottom”. Out of sheer desperation, I went to the internet seeking out one final attempt to find help… real help that would actually work. I knew that it was my last and final hope; I had grown too tired and too filled with despair after 59 years of living in constant emotional pain and internal chaos originating from childhood trauma of sexual and emotional abuse. Mine was a life or death proposition. 

The Bridge to Recovery was one of the first facilities to show in my search on the internet. It looked “hopeful”, I thought as I chuckled in skepticism. Following a conversation via email with Anastasia at The Bridge, I felt the program was cost prohibiting… so I put aside the thoughts of attending. My life continued to spiral downward… 

One month later as I laid in my bed, a bed I had been bound to for months due to the intense depressive state of which I had been paralyzed, I cried out to God in one last and desperate petition, “God, please show me the way. I don’t want to live this way. I won’t live this way any longer.” My desire to live was held but by a tiny thread. Less than an hour later as I laid staring at the ceiling, I received a “random” email. “Lisa, I was just wondering if you had decided whether to attend The Bridge. Signed, Anastasia.” It was the randomness of that email… or what I choose to believe was “Divine Intervention” that led me to admit myself into the program. 

To say the program was an easy fix is very far from the truth. It would be just the first step in a long journey to recovery. It was though my greatest first step to recovery. My time at The Bridge was one of the most difficult and emotionally overwhelming experiences I’ve had to journey through. To say that it changed my life is an amazing testament to the powerful wisdom and insights of those who have devoted their lives to helping many of us broken souls find healing, help, and peace. I am grateful to those who would venture “outside the box”, incorporate the unconventional methods, and stop at nothing to provide tools and means for us to utilize in order to finally come to a resting place of solace and calm in our souls… 

I am so grateful to have had the privilege of walking those beautiful, sun-kissed hills of Kentucky where I discovered the person God meant me to be all along. I found a little girl so long ago lost in the abyss of trauma and abuse. I found myself in a place called The Bridge. My life will never be the same. 

…I have already recommended The Bridge to three others.

Lisa also shared this with us, which we felt honored to pass along.  With generous donations made by our alumni and supporters to our Life Saver Fund, we are sometimes able to offer financial assistance to those in need – those who would otherwise be unable to attend our program. 

The financial assistance I received was perhaps the greatest of all gifts received to date and made a way for me to attend. I am thankful!!!!