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The Bridge to Recovery: A Sanctuary for Healing from Trauma & Codependency

Our program of excellence has spanned five decades, during which thousands of individuals and families have experienced significant emotional recovery, transformation, and a renewed enthusiasm for life.

Relationships are healed at The Bridge to Recovery, including our relationship with self, family, friends, spouses/partners, jobs, communities, spirituality & higher power(s), and more.

We invite you to learn more about us and call with any questions that you may have at (877)866-8661 or drop us a line
The Bridge to Recovery is a transformational residential program working to heal the lives of individuals suffering from the effects of trauma including anxiety, depression, codependency, and many other negative behavior patterns, by addressing the core causes of their emotional pain. The end result is emotional recovery and a renewed enthusiasm for life.

It is our vision to provide accessible and affordable opportunities for suffering people to uncover their pain, discover their truth, and transform their life.

Our Approach
The Bridge to Recovery is a Workshop Model with a Treatment Mindset

Our Values

At The Bridge to Recovery, we are committed to our clients, their families, our industry, and our community. It is our goal to nurture our innate perseverance to survive from painful events, our need for human connection, and our desire to help individuals and families heal from the toxic issues plaguing ourselves, our families, our industry, our society, and our world.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards in ethics and maintain the highest level of integrity in our services. We pride ourselves on being a program of excellence.


  • Situated on 115 acres of green, rolling hills.
  • Located in Bowling Green, Kentucky (just over one-hour north of Nashville, Tennessee)
  • Woodsy, rustic feel with natural surroundings including forests, pastures, natural caves, a tranquil creek cutting through the property, and wildlife.
  • Bowling Green, Kentucky was incorporated in 1812 and is home to roughly 68,400 people.  It is home to Western Kentucky University and continues to be a thriving outlier city to Nashville.
  • The Bridge to Recovery settled just outside the city of Bowling Green in the 1970’s and has called it home ever since.

Learn more about our onsite accommodations here

Our Team

We strive to maintain the highest level of ethics, commitment, and training within our team.

Get to Know our Care Team:

  • Admissions Department: Responsible for client inquiry assistance, prescreening potential clients to assure we are the best fit for their needs, assessing clients upon admission, working with clients and families on financials, and more. 
  • Clinical Department: Provides direct care to our clients, and includes our therapists & counselors, our house managers, our client relations team, and more.  
  • Business Development & Outreach: Builds relationships with our professional and industry partners to provide education and outreach around the services we provide. 
  • Alumni & Aftercare: Specializes in working with clients during their time at TBTR to determine their aftercare needs and then, beyond graduation, as they transition back into their lives at home.  This includes support and coaching, events, connection, and more.  
  • Philanthropy: Builds relationships with donors, foundations, public decision makers, and others to support clients with financial hardships, capital campaign projects, and other underfunded areas.
  • Operations & Maintenance: Manages the day-to-day operations, including human resources, fiscal management, upkeep and maintenance of the property, and more. 
  • Dining & Food Services: Coordinates meal planning, food preparation, dietary needs management, and overall food servicing for clients at TBTR.

Bridging Five Decades: A Historical Snapshot

Bridge to Recovery Co-founders Paul and Carol Cannon were dedicated to finding the “right space” for the program and searched for land across several states, finally settling on 115 acres in rural south-central Kentucky.

The property had the seclusion and privacy they sought so that clients attending the program could feel safe and secure to do their healing work. Originally only having one dwelling on the property, a Civil War era log-cabin, the first attendees of The Bridge to Recovery completed the program in the small cabin.

During this time, our iconic bridge was built to allow our clients and employees safe access over the creek that straddles the property.
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Our mission
To help people find a fulfilled life outside of drug and alcohol addiction.
Our vision
A world where wellbeing is accessible for anyone who needs it and there is no such thing as a barrier to recovery.
Our goals
To deliver the best in addiction and mental health treatment and help our clients find a new freedom.
Our team
Our team are compassionate Masters level and licensed clinicians, many in active recovery themselves.
Uncover you pain, discover your truth, and transform your life
For five decades, we have helped thousands of individuals and families experience emotional recovery and a renewed enthusiasm for life.
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Helping you back to your best self
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About The Bridge To Recovery
The Bridge to Recovery is a transformational residential program located 45 minutes north of Nashville, Tennessee in beautiful rural Kentucky.  We provide hope, healing, and happiness to those suffering.
The Bridge to Recovery is a proud supporter of NAATP. 
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