Brennan Caffery

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Meet Brennan Caffery

Department: Clinical
Title: Counselor
Professional Credentials: LADC-TN, TN-ARR (Tennessee Alliance of Recovery Residences)
Employment Date: 2024
Past Experience: I started my journey into the world of substance abuse counseling by volunteering at Thistle Farms. From there, I went on to become a Behavioral Health Tech, then somehow wrangled my way into case management (twice, because I’m that good at it). Eventually, I landed my first counselor gig at Freeman Recovery Center, where I accidentally became the lead for the Intensive Outpatient Program. Realizing I needed a change (and maybe some fresh air), I was lucky enough to stumble upon The Bridge to Recovery, where I now work as a Phase One Counselor.
Role at TBTR-I am a therapist in Phase One.

ooking, bull red fishing, traveling

Fun Fact-My dad taught me how to swim with wild alligators