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Meet Our Corporate Team

Our “Corporate Team” consists of our admin, admissions, business & outreach, operations, media, and philanthropy departments. Despite the corporate identification, this small team works closely together and members often wear many hats.

We strive to maintain accessibility, communication, and connection – no matter who you reach out to.

Uncover you pain, discover your truth, and transform your life
For five decades, we have helped thousands of individuals and families experience emotional recovery and a renewed enthusiasm for life.
Meet our Corporate Team
We pride ourselves on our team.
Corporate Team

Antwon Bailey


Antwon Bailey has over 15 years of management experience spanning non-profit, political, and startup organizations in the Midwest, the East Coast, and Tennessee.

Keats Komisar

Director of Business Development
I had been working in mental Health for seven years when I came to The Bridge as a client. It was such a life changing experience that after returning home I knew at some point I wanted to work for The Bridge. A year-and-a-half later I learned of an opening, applied for the position, and w

Anastasia Harvey

Director of Operations
Anastasia graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2014 with a BS in Psychological Science with a concentration in clinical psychology. She has experience working with individuals with PTSD, people with a history of self-harm and suicidal ideation, as well as individuals with intellec

Sara Beth Caldwell

Director of Admissions & Alumni Relations
Sara Beth began her journey here at The Bridge to Recovery in February 2016. She was born and raised in the Bowling Green area, and has remained here her entire life. Before coming to The Bridge, she received her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Western Kentucky and taught school fo

Kaymen Herrera

Director of Development
Before being on staff with The Bridge to Recovery I had many jobs. Mostly in sales and then began working for our church in ministry for 4 years doing creative, events and volunteer coordinating.

Shera Loeser

Outreach Specialist
I am a person in recovery that has a love for helping others through the recovery process. When I heard about the position at The Bridge to Recovery I had no way of knowing what a magnificent place it is to heal.

Rae Ann Marquez

Outreach Specialist
I attended the program in 2009 to work on my past trauma and codependency issues. The program changed the course of my life and my recovery where for the first time I felt a true connection with self. I wanted to share with others that there is hope and healing that takes place through

Pam Colburn

Executive Chef & Kitchen Manager
My mother worked in the kitchen at the Bridgeto Recovery when I was in high school, where I got to know the Founders, Paul and Carol Cannon and their family. Growing up near The Bridge, it was near to my heart in so many capacities. I, myself, started at The Bridge working in the kitchen,

Sandy Embry

Kitchen Assistant
I work in the Kitchen as an assistant and will help prepare, cook, and serve meal service to our clients. Additionally, I assist with cleanliness and housekeeping duties at our main lodge. My favorite part about working at The Bridge to Recovery is the people we work with.

Patricia (Patty) Mills

Kitchen Assistant
As an assistant in the Kitchen at The Bridge to Recovery, I help to prepare and serve meals. Addtionally, I help with cleanliness and housekeeping projects around the main lodge, as well as dishes in the kitchen. I really enjoy every part of my job.

Michelle Hagan

Kitchen Assistant

Prior to working at The Bridge to Recovery, I worked in the kitchen at Ryan's Family Buffet for three years. In my current role, I help with preparing and serving meals to our clients, as well as cleaning responsiblities. My favorite part of working at The Bridge is the people.

Chelsey Burnley

Kitchen Assistant
I had worked at The Bridge to Recover years ago and recently decided to come back. I just love the people and work atmosphere. You will see me doing just about any housekeeping work you can think of. When I’m not doing that you will see me in the kitchen cooking your meals...

Anthony Cobb

I create custom walking sticks which brought me to The Bridge to Recovery through a meeting with the Operations Manager to discuss selling them. This meeting led to a job offer in the mainteance department and I continue in this role today. I am responsible for maintenance and upkeep of al

Larry Cline


When a fellow family member and Bridge employee reached out and asked me to help temporarily in the maintenance department, I agreed and have been here ever since. I call myself a "ground's keeper" and help in any capacity needed with mainteance, upkeep, routine care, lawn care, repair, an

Shane Groves

Intake Coordinator & Alumni Relations
I have been around various recovery communities for a while and met several employees of The Bridgeto Recovery during that time. I was then asked about my interest in a position and applied. In my role, I manage, on a part time basis, the Men's House. Ensuring safety and proper adherence t

Tiffany Garrity

Admissions Specialist
I started at The Bridge to Recovery as the Receptionist. I was given the opportunity to grow into the role of Admissions Specialist. In this position I get to help people find out more about our program, and take their first step in coming to The Bridge.
Equine Specialist
Equine Specialist
Equine Specialist
Equine Specialist
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