Dani Patton

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Meet Dani Patton

Department: Admissions          

Title: Intake Specialist                    

Hire Year: 2024

Hobbies: I love gardening, hiking, camping and all kinds of arts and crafts!! I am a really good cook and enjoy trying new recipes. I have three kids with my partner and we have three cats and three dogs as well as a budding little farm where we hope to have more animals someday soon.    

Fun Fact: I started gardening in 2020 and have gotten pretty good at it. For some reason, I have a really great memory when it comes to flowers, vegetables and different types of plants and how to grow them. I wish I could remember what I did last week…

About Dani Patton

Prior to working at The Bridge to Recovery, I worked at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility and really enjoyed being able to help others in that capacity. I am a recovering alcoholic and have been sober since 2020, and feel that this experience has led me to be a compassionate, and understanding advocate for those on their own healing journey.       


You can find me in the admissions office taking care of clients behind the scenes.