Derek Grant

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Meet Derek Grant

Department: Clinical
Credentials: Retired first responder
YOE: 2023
Professional Credentials / Affiliations: Associates Degree, Eastern Kentucky University
Outside Hobbies: I enjoy watching my girls play softball, camping at the lake, and attending dirt track races.
Fun Fact: I have a strong interest in US geography and a goal of visiting all 50 states. Currently I have been to 36. I have a service dog who goes everywhere with me.

About Derek Grant

I am an alcoholic in recovery. Towards the end of my career I dealt with depression, ptsd, and alcoholism. I went through treatment/recovery at Warriors Heart in Bandera, Texas where I was part of a residential treatment program for 52 days. I learned of the Bridge to Recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous when I had expressed interest in working in the recovery field. At The Bridge to Recovery I provide clinical support to our clients.