Julie Vincent

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Meet Julie Vincent

Department: Clinical
Credentials: B.A., University of Kentucky, 1998 / M.S.W., Western Kentucky University, 2015
YOE: 2013
Professional Credentials / Affiliations: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) / EAGALA Certified
Outside Hobbies: Outside of my career at The Bridge, I love DIY projects. There’s nothing more satisfying than figuring out how to fix something and actually pulling it off.  (I swear, someday, I’m building a tiny house.) I don’t think there’s much me and YouTube can’t do. I find a good paint-by-numbers really helpful when I just need to slow down and laying in the sun is my happy place. If I’m watching movies or shows, my favorites are true crime, paranormal, sci-fi, or Marvel. 
Fun Fact: My favorite pastime is annoying my teenage daughter with bad puns, over explaining things, giving her random history lessons, making her watch funny videos on “The Tiktok,” and breathing.

About Julie Vincent

After getting sober in a 12-step fellowship my life was put on a new path. I sought to become a counselor and help others recognize that their disease wasn’t their fault and recovery was possible. After starting graduate school, a series of serendipitous events led me to apply for a job at The Bridge to Recovery and I’ve been here ever since. As a Phase One counselor and one of the first counselors they’ll work with, I try to create rapport with the clients, a safe environment in which to share their struggles, and offer them compassion for surviving the only way they knew how. I lead different psycho-educational lectures and therapeutic interventions that give clients a new lens through which to see their lives – and hopefully a means to which they can offer themselves compassion instead of criticism. I love that I work with every client that comes through the door. I get to know amazing people from so many different places, cultures, and backgrounds. Regardless of how different they all are, there is a commonality – they want something different. I learn so much from our clients. They help me in ways they never know.