Keats Komisar

Meet Our Team

Meet Keats Komisar

Department: Management
Credentials: H.S. Diploma / Belmont University
YOE: 2013
Professional Credentials / Affiliations: Microsoft Certified, Level 2 (Excel, Word, & Access)
Outside Hobbies: Outside of The Bridge, I enjoy salt sater fishing, Colonial American history, and spending time with my children and grandchildren.
Fun Fact: I once was a personal assistant to a very famous Country Western singer and worked in the music business in other capacities.


About Keats Komisar

I had been working in mental Health for seven years when I came to The Bridge as a client. It was such a life changing experience that after returning home I knew at some point I wanted to work for The Bridge. A year-and-a-half later I learned of an opening, applied for the position, and was excited to discover that I was given the job of Outreach Specialist in 2013. Through growth and promotion, I moved into the role of Director of Business Development, and I am responsible for marketing the program to the southeast United States as well as supporting the other marketers in their areas. In addition, I am on the senior management team and assist in making decisions that effect the everyday running of The Bridge. I enjoy traveling to areas across the country and speaking on behalf of our program.