Kelly Fraust

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Meet Kelly Fraust

Department: Clinical
Credentials: B.A., Murray State University, 2002 / M.A.E. Western Kentucky University, 2010 (Marriage and Family Therapy)
YOE: 2014
Outside Hobbies: I love spending time with my cat, and lately i’m pretty into cats generally, beyond my own. I enjoy going to a coffee shop near me that I’ve invested in, chatting with their staff and regular patrons. I watch YouTube videos quite a bit. I love to take baths. I like to go for drives in the car when gasoline isn’t outrageously expensive. I like to sit outside in the sun. I like to listen to music and discover artists that are new to me.
Fun Fact: Here are a few fun facts: I taught myself how to juggle when i was a teenager and still can juggle some objects, but not well. I have been dangerously close to both a feral bull and a moose and survived those encounters, absent any attack. Also, I said “hi” to Madonna once and she said “hi” back.

About Kelly Fraust

After graduating from Western Kentucky University, I worked as a therapist at Rivendell Behavioral Health Hospital prior to obtaining employment at The Bridge to Recovery. I currently work as a counselor for clients working in phase one of the program. I love witnessing clients emotionally connect with each other and themselves, let go of some of the emotional pain, shame, and trauma they have been carrying for years, and grow in their self-confidence, self-forgiveness, and self-love.