Rae Ann Marquez

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Meet Rae Ann Marquez

Department: Marketing
YOE: 2011
Outside Hobbies: I enjoy riding my bike and spending time with my six grandchildren.
Fun Fact: I can be somewhat scattered and get lost in my own town.

About Rae Ann Marquez

I attended the program in 2009 to work on my past trauma and codependency issues. The program changed the course of my life and my recovery where for the first time I felt a true connection with self. I wanted to share with others that there is hope and healing that takes place through doing the work at the Bridge. In my role as Outreach Specialist, I get to share the wonderful healing that takes place at TBTR with therapists, counselors, treatment centers and individuals that are experiencing pain in their lives. My favorite part of my role is being able to share hope and let people know that you can recover from childhood wounds, trauma and maladaptive behaviors.