Shera Loeser

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Meet Shera Loeser

Department: Marketing
YOE: 2023
Outside Hobbies: When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with my husband and children. I frequently enjoy going to dinner with my girlfriends and occasionally I get inspired to create art.
Fun Fact: A fun/not so fun fact about me is that I tend to overshare about myself. While I have been told it is one of the things people love about me, I sometimes embarrass myself.

About Shera Loeser

I am a person in recovery that has a love for helping others through the recovery process. When I heard about the position at The Bridge to Recovery I had no way of knowing what a magnificent place it is to heal. My own experience in the program as well as the time I spent working on property gave me so much insight to how we can all heal from our past hurts. I have held three different positions while working for The Bridge to Recovery. I was initially hired as the Women’s House Manager where I stayed overnight and got to hang out with the women back at their residence in2018. Next, I was a Client Relations Specialist where I assisted clients with their day to day needs outside of the group room. Both of these roles taught me how to be a good listener. I began my current position in 2023 as an Outreach Specialist for the Southeastern U.S. My role is to tell people about The Bridge to Recovery and the magic that it holds.