Vass Jackson

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Meet Vass Jackson

Department: Clinical
Credentials: B.S., Western Kentucky University, 1995 / M.D., St. Georges University School of Medicine, 2000
YOE: 2021
Professional Credentials / Affiliations: Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC)
Outside Hobbies: Outside of The Bridge to Recovery, I enjoy gardening, hiking, and reading.
Fun Fact: My own path of recovery has been an eye opening experience that continues to evolve and thus provides experience, strength, and hope for fellow travelers.

About Vass Jackson

Prior to coming to The Bridge to Recovery, I worked in the primary substance abuse field which led into trauma informed care. In my current role as a Phase Two therapist I help guide clients in their third and fourth weeks at The Bridge as they navigate the additional uncovering and discovering process they started in Phase One. It is a pleasure to watch the continued growth of each client as they dig deeper and I also support them to create a very thorough and realistic aftercare plan to ensure that they are set up to be successful as they transition to the next phase of their journey or decide to stay for Phase Three. I love having the opportunity to be part of the clinical family that is supportive and walks alongside clients as they uncover their issues, face their demons, and recover to healthier living in a beautiful, peaceful, and heart-warming environment.