Our program is considered “intensive” – meaning our clients stay consistently engaged in the therapeutic components. However, there is occasionally downtime, albeit minimal. During that time, our clients often enjoy walking on our 115 acres, which provides some of the most breathtaking scenery perfectly conducive to a meditative experience to get in touch with oneself.  

Additionally, because nurturing or obtaining healthy copings skills is part of our process, we also offer other outlets for self-care.

Physical Health & Self Care

We recognize that many people, prior to attending The Bridge, have self care regimens and that staying physically healthy is important. We do provide a work-out area containing weight equipment and cardio equipment. Our clients are permitted to utilize this area as long as they are engaged in healthy practices. Meditative walking, hiking, and running are also common.


Clients at The Bridge are provided the opportunity to participate in Yoga twice a week. Yoga teaches clients how to ground themselves, occupy their bodies and establish a place of safety for themselves (inside themselves).  It also helps establish a non-judgmental relationship with the body that is often difficult.