Paul Hamblin, CEO

Paul Hamblin, CEO

Paul has been working in the field of addictions for over 17 years. He has experience in admissions, intake, development, aftercare planning, case management and marketing. Paul’s passion is helping individuals and families who are struggling to get the help they need. With close ties to the recovering community and its treatment providers, Paul has developed long-term relationships with many of the most well known facilities and professionals nationally in the treatment arena.

Stephanie Griffin, Director of Admissions

Stephanie Ketchey, Director of Admissions

Stephanie is a life-long resident of Bowling Green and a graduate of Western Kentucky University. She holds an Associate of Arts in Paralegal Studies, as well as a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with an Emphasis in Business. As a recovering addict herself, she understands the pain associated with co-dependency and addiction and seeks to provide empathy and compassion to others struggling with their own issues in life. She is actively involved in the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous and believes strongly in the 12 Steps and the spiritual principles embedded in them. In addition to her personal recovery and helping others on the path to recovery, Stephanie enjoys horseback riding, camping and spending time with her amazing daughter Harley and their dogs, Charlie and Gracie.

Monty Mitchell, Director of Business Operations

Monty Mitchell, Director of Business Operations

Monty joined The Bridge to Recovery staff in April 2015. He comes to us with many years of administrative and bookkeeping experience. The Bridge and Monty’s paths crossed at the exact right time. His experiences and life lessons have taught him to live life at the beat of his own drum and out loud rather than to let the “normal” dictate the life that he leads. He is always willing to listen but not afraid to tell you the truth.

Neena Wilcox, Director of Alumni Relations, Outreach Specialist, Digital Marketing

Neena Wilcox, Director of Development & Alumni Relations, Web & Digital Media Manager

Neena graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2004 and has been in the behavioral health field for over a decade.  She began her career working with “at risk” youth and was later a counselor at a treatment center before coming to The Bridge. During her tenure at The Bridge since 2010, she has served in different capacities to nurture The Bridge's growing needs, including Director of Admissions.  In 2014, she excitedly accepted her new role as the Director of Alumni Relations in pursuit of developing and integrating a program for Bridge Alumni, and in 2017 further evolved her role with the addition of development and fundraising. Neena has proudly served on a Leadership Committee for the National Membership Organization "TPAS" (Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services), and has written presentations and spoken to groups on the benefits of an alumni support recovery model. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

Keats Komisar, Outreach Specialist

Keats Komisar, Director of Business Development

Keats comes to The Bridge with 30 plus years of sales and marketing experience, with more than a decade of those years having been spent in the recovery field.  As a Bridge Alumni, Keats understands the devastating effects of Trauma and Codependency.  He is the father of 4 grown children and 2 grandchildren. Keats says, "coming to The Bridge has been a dream come true," as he believes strongly in The Bridge’s mission and has a true desire to help others. “When I am talking to family members or potential clients they often say, 'thank you so much for helping me get to The Bridge,' but the truth is they are helping me so much more. Knowing the pain of Trauma, but unable to truly heal from it was the reason I came to The Bridge. Helping others do the same is the reason I stay.”

 Pam Colburn, Executive Chef & Kitchen Manager

Pam Colburn, Executive Chef & Kitchen Manager

Pam joined the Bridge to Recovery staff in January 2010.  She is the mother of one son and has been married since 1992 to her wonderful husband . She has a very passionate and deep love of horses.  She has been riding and training horses since childhood. Pam's outlook on life has always been to live life to the fullest and cherish every day.

Anastasia Doyle, Lead Intake Specialist

Anastasia Doyle, Lead Intake Specialist

Anastasia graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2014 with a BS in Psychological Science with a concentration in clinical psychology. She has experience working with individuals with PTSD, people with a history of self-harm and suicidal ideation, as well as individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Anastasia has one child, Delilah who is almost 5 years old. With a drive and passion for helping others, Anastasia is looking forward to using her passion to help individuals conquer and grow from their past experiences. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, shopping, playing games, reading, crafting and spending time outdoors.

Kimberly Bratton, Client Relations BSW

Kimberly Bratton, Intake Specialist

Kimberly joined The Bridge in October of 2015. She is a Warren County native, has been married to her husband Aaron for over 10 years, has two children (Constance and Cameron), and five (yes five! ahh!) rescue cats (Bella, Socks, Maverick, Demo and Bolt). Kimberly graduated from Western Kentucky University with her Bachelors of Social Work in 2015. Prior to coming to The Bridge, she interned and worked at The Warren County Attorney’s Office Division of Child Support. She has a variety of other professional roles under her belt and enjoys putting the knowledge she learned to good use here at The Bridge. Kimberly is passionate about her work here at The Bridge and is excited for a new chapter in her Bridge life. After serving as the Client Relations Specialist for almost three years, Kimberly is now serving as an Intake Specialist. She is delighted to be able to bring her knowledge of the clinical side of the program to the admissions department, while also pursuing her Master’s degree in Social Work. In her off time, Kimberly enjoys attending horseback riding, camping, fishing, singing and listening to music, reading, watching movies, and spending time with her family.

RaeAnn Marquez, Outreach Specialist

RaeAnn Marquez, Outreach Specialist

After 26 years of her personal recovery Rae Ann, who had shared her experiences, strength and hope in both 12 Step Programs and as a volunteer at treatment programs, chose to attend The Bridge to Recovery in order to fully explore and understand the underlying issues of co-dependency and childhood trauma that continued to cause her pain and threaten her recovery.  The experience at this facility changed her life and enhanced the quality of her sobriety.  Now she shares her experiences as she reaches out to others on behalf of the Bridge throughout her beautiful home state of Colorado as well as California.

Deitra Abigt, Outreach Specialist

Deitra Deal, Outreach Specialist

Deitra joined The Bridge to Recovery after successfully co-founding and co-managing an intervention business, however embraced a new calling to help others struggling with their trauma and relational pain.  Her vibrant personality combined with astute attention to detail and her passion for helping others find healing has helped her find tremendous success in marketing The Bridge to Recovery.  Deitra enjoys creating ongoing connections with others in recovery both personally and professionally.  Deitra has raised two beautiful children, and is looking forward to her future in her next stage of life with her husband, Lance and her pups.



Tyler Anderson, Outreach Specialist

Tyler joined the Bridge to Recovery in 2019 after working in the clinical side of the addiction field for three years. After searching for a program that blended honest compassion and a skilled treatment team, he found it in the woods of Warren County, Kentucky. He brings with him a passion for nature, coaching, and games of all sorts, as well as an abiding love for terrible puns and snow. As an Outreach Representative for the Bridge, he covers his beautiful native region of New England, as well as New York and Pennsylvania.