When clients are considering our program, one of the first questions we often get asked about is our food and dietary options. After years of experience, our dining room provides the right amount of tasteful yet nutritious foods. From our head chef and kitchen manager to our kitchen assistants, we strive to provide wonderful meals to our guests.

At The Bridge, many of our clients enter our program with an unhealthy relationship with food – from binge eating, overeating, and undereating to being overly health conscious, stress-eating, body image issues, and more – our trained kitchen staff provide wholesome, flavorful, filling, and nutritious-conscious meals. We offer minimal caffeine, sugar, sodas, and desserts, however, and instead offer meals packed with culturally rich flavors, and even comfort cuisine when appropriate.

Our trained and talented kitchen staff can meet the needs of most dietary preferences, including vegan and vegetarian. Additionally, they can meet the needs of most allergy presentations, such as tree/nut allergies, dairy allergies, celiac and gluten allergies, and more. Lastly, they can also meet the needs for our clients with most religious restrictions and/or preferences, including Kosher diets.  

If you have questions about our ability to meet your dietary needs/restrictions, please give us a call at (877)866-8661 to discuss. If you decide to register for one of our upcoming program start dates, during your assessment process, we will review with you any dietary allergies/needs/preferences.