Over the decades we have seen many clients pass through our doors from nearly every state in the nation and numerous countries around the world.  Over the past few years, we have devoted a great deal of time and resources to creating an Alumni Program for all of our Alumni to continue to offer support in their ongoing recovery efforts. At The Bridge to Recovery, we believe that your work does not conclude on graduation day, but instead you join a growing network of Bridge family.

Officially implemented in 2014, The Bridge to Recovery has taken great strides in the supportive services, events, and resources we have implemented and now continue to provide our Alumni through our Alumni Program.  We highly encourage our Alumni to take any opportunity that is available, and to let us know if they would like us to incorporate additional opportunities to support their recovery.

The Bridge to Recovery is a proud member of Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services.  We are committed to improving the services we offer on an ongoing basis. Additionally, we are eager learners as well as active thought leaders in the industry in the Alumni services world, where progress is just beginning to develop. We want to be a part of the movement that shifts Alumni services into the full continuum of care in order to see improved outcomes.

If you are an Alumnus of The Bridge to Recovery, we encourage you to click around and learn more about what we are doing in our Alumni Program.  Opportunities are out there to connect with us and other Alumni, as well as attend Bridge sponsored events. Additionally, our Alumni are an integral part of our continued existence through their generous financial gifting to our program.  To learn more about how to donate to The Bridge, visit us here.