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Discover the services we offer our alumni to help them continue their recovery journeys.

Clients who graduate from our program become a forever part of our decades-old Bridge family. We offer many services for our Alumni to keep them engaged in their recovery, community, and connection with each other. We refer to these as aftercare services.

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Alumni Events

2024 Alumni Homecoming

Save the Date! ALUMNI HOMECOMING OCTOBER 18th-20th.

Virtual Meetings Alumni Meetings 

Virtual Alumni Meeting on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm CST 

Virtual ACA Alumni Meeting on Thursdays at 6:00 pm CST 

Colorado Alumni Meetings on Sunday at 7:00 pm MST 

(Reach out to Sara Beth or Shane to get connected into our virtual or regional meetings.) 

For more information on any events or Homecoming, please contact Sara Beth or Shane: 

Alumni Facebook Page

Our latest news, updates, and events are often posted on our Alumni Facebook page, where our alumni share and support each other regularly. This is a "secret" page where any alumnus can participate, but by invitation only. Usually, an invite is sent to an alumnus at program graduation. However, Alumni from any program during any period of attendance can request to be added to the secret Facebook page by reaching out to our Alumni Director at

Alumni Events 

For information on future Alumni events in your area or at The Bridge to Recovery, please call us on 877-866-8661.

2024 Alumni Workshops

For information on future Alumni events in your area or at The Bridge to Recovery, please call us on 877-866-8661.

For any alumni questions please email Sara Beth or Shane:

Family Weekend

Please email for more information on family weekend dates and information.


Just an hour and 20 minutes North from Nashville, Tennessee sits our healing refuge. Hidden away on 120 acres of rolling Kentucky hills.

Stay in Touch

Ensuring your ongoing success is paramount to us at The Bridge. We understand the significance of the transition back home after completing our program and the unique bonds formed with our staff and fellow group members. To support your recovery efforts, we are committed to reaching out several times during your first year after graduation.

  • Reconnect with The Bridge community.
  • Seek resources and assistance.
  • Connect with other Alumni.
  • Review and refine your aftercare plan.

While we respect your preferences, allowing you to opt-out of calls, we encourage you to consider it a valuable connection to your time at The Bridge and an integral part of your aftercare and long-term recovery efforts.

Once a month, we send out our “Alumni Newsletter” to keep you informed about upcoming events, program news, and updates. However, our alumni database may have missing information over the years. If you’re an alumnus interested in receiving these updates, please reach out to

We love showcasing the success stories of our Alumni! If you’re interested in sharing your journey and being featured in an upcoming edition of our Alumni Newsletter, reach out to the same email address mentioned above. Your experiences can inspire and motivate others on their path to recovery.

At The Bridge, your journey doesn’t end when you leave; it’s a lifelong commitment, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.


Alumni Ambassadors

The most common reply we get from our Alumni after attending our program is:

"I found a renewed happiness in life."

"I experienced emotional recovery."

"I feel free from my past."

Because of the success of our Alumni experience, they often become our best program ambassadors. This occurs in a number of ways.

A large amount of the referrals we receive for our program come from our Alumni who have shared their positive experience and want others to experience the same.

Alumni donate their time to service projects as a way to give back for their own experience and recovery journey.

Some Alumni choose to share their gratitude by supporting their favorite causes, including The Bridge to Recovery. Many gifts from our alumni support our Life Saver Program, allowing others to attend the program who otherwise could not afford to do so.

Many of our Alumni keep in close contact with our Alumni Services Department and continue to be a resource for incoming, new, or graduating clients who would like to be connected with other Alumni. This has included:

  • Phone calls with potential new clients.
  • Connecting with a client prior to graduation to discuss their fears and anxieties. 
  • Meeting with a new program graduate when they return to a specific geographic area.

The Bridge to Recovery is proudly one of the early participants in the membership organization Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services, which serves to educate, inform, and grow the importance of alumni services being part of a full continuum of care for healthy recovery. In addition, because we believe so highly in this organization, we have sponsored multiple events, presentations, and collaboratives.

Recovery is a Journey

We cannot support our mission of helping others heal from their trauma if we simply were to believe that a client’s experience with our program ends at graduation. Healing is a journey, and never an end destination.

This is what it means to include alumni in a full continuum of care process. All of them equally as important as the next for supporting a healthy healing journey.

To learn more about our Alumni Department, please call us at (877)866-8661 or email us at 

If you are an Alumnus, we want to stay in touch with you! Unfortunately, because phone numbers and emails can change frequently, we sometimes lose touch with our Alumni. In order to alleviate losing touch with you, we have developed several avenues to make keeping in touch simple.

How you can support The Bridge to Recovery

Alumni often ask us how they support our program because of their positive experience and appreciation for how our program helped in their personal healing and transformation. As a small 501c3 not-for-profit, our program depends on financial gifts from our Alumni, their families, and others who believe and invest in our mission. We understand that our alumni come from all socioeconomic situations, and our goal is to provide different opportunities for all levels of giving, as each and every gift makes our program’s continuation and sustainability possible.