If you are an Alumnus, we want to stay in touch with you! Unfortunately, because phone numbers and emails can change frequently, we sometimes lose touch with our Alumni.  In order to alleviate losing touch with you, we have developed several avenues to make keeping in touch simple.

Follow-Up Calls

It is important to us to know how you are doing after you leave from The Bridge, especially so we can be sure to support your recovery efforts where needed.  We work hard to give you an aftercare toolbox that helps make that transition back home even easier, but we also know that you form a special bond with our staff and your group members.  Sometimes, you need that extra connection. Our commitment to you is that we will follow up with you after you leave The Bridge several times during your first year after graduation. This is a great opportunity to not just reconnect, but to also ask for resources, work on connecting with other Alumni, and to revisit your aftercare plan.

Of course, as with any communication, you can opt-out of receiving phone calls from us.  However, we hope that you will consider it a connection to your time at The Bridge and incorporate it as part of your aftercare and long term recovery efforts.

Newsletters and Email

One of our most successful ways of communicating with our Alumni is through our Alumni Newsletters.  While we know you get a lot of spam email, we traditionally only try to send out one to two email communications per quarter.  And, while we do not send out many communications, when we do send them out, they are packed with Alumni relevant information.

If you would like to receive our email newsletter and currently do not, you can email us here and request to receive it.


People are forever connected through social media.  Instead of creating yet another outlet to log in to, we have created a SECRET Facebook Page for Alumni-only and designed to protect your confidentiality while connecting you with other Alumni.  This page is not searchable, meaning that you can assure your confidentiality is protected. The only way to be added to the group is to connect with us so we can add you.

This is a great way to stay connected with other Alumni, support each other, and stay up-to-date on all things Bridge related.  To be added to the Alumni Secret Facebook page, connect with us:

Sara BethSara Beth Huston, Director of Referent & Alumni Relations