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A close-up image of a person painting a canvas, participating in creative expression to improve their mental health.

How Creative Expression Helps Mental Health

Creative expression is highly effective in improving mental health and easing mental illness symptoms. According to the American Psychiatric Association, about half of Americans engage in creative activities to ease anxiety and stress. From playing an instrument to creating art, there is a wide range of creative outlets you can use to help improve your mental health and well-being. In

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How Can Trauma Impact Relationships?

During their lifetimes, most people will experience a traumatic event. Unresolved trauma doesn’t just negatively affect your life but can also hurt your relationships with others. From having a hard time forming long-term and meaningful connections with others to having difficulty trusting others, trauma’s impact on the relationships in your life is extensive. The Bridge to Recovery is a Kentucky

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Two people hug, showing the importance of forgiveness in recovery.

The Importance of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a critical part of the addiction recovery process. From forgiving yourself for past mistakes you’ve made to asking for forgiveness from others, there’s no question that forgiveness is critical to make progress along your road to recovery. In this article, you’ll discover the importance of forgiveness and how forgiveness can help your own recovery journey. The Bridge to

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What is Codependency?

Codependency and addiction often go together. Codependency is when someone feels responsible for another’s actions, even if they are self-destructive. Today, millions of people struggle with codependent behavior, whether they realize it or not.  For example, if you have a partner struggling with addiction, you may feel the need to cover up their problem or make excuses around friends and

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What is Trauma-Informed Therapy?

Research suggests that about half of all American adults will experience at least one traumatic event in their lives. Trauma, left untreated, can leave you feeling pain, shame, and fear. Not only can trauma consume your thoughts, but it can destroy your mental and emotional well-being. Fortunately, trauma-informed therapy offers an effective way to address your trauma in a safe

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Long Term Sobriety Struggles

While we have a page full of information on chronic relapse, here we discuss struggles that come with long term sobriety.  The two are not one in the same, but certainly related. What is long term sobriety? The 12 Step Program known as Alcoholics Anonymous is nearing a century in existence, and some records show early treatment programs for substance abuse

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