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Magic Happens at The Bridge to Recovery

Magical. It’s the word we hear so often used to describe The Bridge to Recovery. I suppose that 50 years of healing creates a sort of sacred ground. It is pretty spectacular to feel that feeling, to experience that magic. But in truth, it isn’t magic: it’s a little bit of energy from every client that has traversed our doors.

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Re-Writing and Re-Parenting our Lives: Kaymen’s Story

I decided to go to TBR because I needed something different. I thought I had tried everything. I didn’t think I needed to “go away” but little did I know it was the exact thing I needed to do but was too scared to admit it. In my 6 weeks at TBR I was validated, I learned I’m not “crazy.”

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Revisiting The Decades: Drama Trauma

Nearly 30 years after founding The Bridge to Recovery, co-founder Carol Cannon published this article on stress dependence. Released in 2001, it is interesting to read about a breakthrough technology that was catching her attention, but what struck me the most was her prediction that our then-growing interest in high-stress television and video games would severely impact the generations ahead.

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Cross the Creek

A program around for fifty years is sure to create some dazzled tales of times long ago. In my tenure at The Bridge to Recovery, I’ve certainly heard a few of them and look forward to sharing many of those with you over the next year as we celebrate our 50th birthday.   Like, for example, how the men’s house was

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Revisiting The Decades: Understanding Codependency

In our efforts to uncover the fifty-year journey of The Bridge to Recovery, we stumbled across a file cabinet in a dusty attic. What we would find were valuable heirlooms left by generations of staff members before us, including articles, newsletters, photos, and more. In this treasure chest of history, we found co-founder Carol Cannon’s articles published by Pacific Press

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A Divine Intervention

At The Bridge to Recovery, clients often report to us that attending our program came at just the right time in their lives.  But, the journey getting there is often rocky, painful, and paved in doubt. Here, our Alumnus Lisa so beautifully shared her journey to our program and the experience she gained from it. After a life-long struggle with

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