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Empty Chair Work

Gestalt Therapy Approach While Gestalt theory may have been created three quarters of a century ago, its premise and approach have far reaching benefits, and at The Bridge to Recovery, we utilize it to this day because it works. According to Gestalt theory, a person cannot be fully understood without understanding the context of his or her experiences. At The

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Control and Caretaking Issues

Control, like many things we experience in our lives, comes on a spectrum from levels of healthy to unhealthy. Things in our lives require control, such as control of: Our Emotions Our Work/Life Balance Our Appetite and Food Portioning Our Exposure to TV Our Phone Time Our Time on Social Media Our Finances Our Daily Impulses (such as how fast

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Phase of Life Issues

Throughout our lives we experience critical life events. Some of them are positive, happy experiences that leave us with positive, happy memories. Some of them are negative, unwelcome experiences that leave us with negative, unwelcome memories. Phases of Life can include: Graduation Marriage New Baby/Adoption Divorce Blending Family Empty Nest New Job Aging/Loss of a Parent Retirement How Trauma Impacts

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Shopping & Gambling Addiction

Various surveys have determined that around two million people in the U.S. are addicted to gambling, and for as many as 20 million citizens the habit seriously interferes with work and social life. (Scientific American) Like many of the behaviors and struggles we have discussed throughout our website, shopping and gambling, when enjoyed in moderation can be a pleasant activity.

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Experience Emotional Healing

Every story is different, but pain is shared. The trunk of our Trauma Tree: PAIN We are built by nature to be survivors. This means at any age – from childhood to adulthood- when we experience painful events, our brains and our bodies will create coping mechanisms to survive the experience, albeit often unhealthy coping mechanisms.  This commonly occurs when

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What is Emotional Exhaustion?

Overwhelmed? Unable to “keep going”? Feel like you’re having a “nervous breakdown”? Emotional exhaustion has very similar characteristics to physical exhaustion: Fatigue Inability to Function “As Usual” Frustration & Agitation Muscle Pain & Weakness Confusion and Brain Fog Loss of Interest Appetite Changes Headaches And much more. Understanding Emotional Exhaustion It has been called many things over the years, and

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