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Benefits of Trauma Therapy in Bowling Green

Bowling Green, a town in Kentucky, is celebrated for its picturesque landscapes and welcoming vibe. Behind this facade, residents face the lingering effects of past traumas. Whether stemming from childhood hardships or experiences in the military, these emotional scars can run deep and persist over time. Luckily, trauma therapy provided by The Bridge to Recovery can provide hope for individuals

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Empowering Yourself Through Healthy Boundaries

Understanding Healthy Boundaries Healthy boundaries act as the silent architects of our relationships, defining the limits of acceptable behavior and safeguarding our mental and emotional space. These boundaries come in various forms—emotional, physical, and temporal—each playing a crucial role in preserving our well-being. Recognizing the significance of healthy boundaries is the first step towards reclaiming control over our lives. Establishing

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How to Avoid Codependency

Codependence is a psychological construct that often leads to what appears to be a subtle unbalance in relationships. It is widespread in people who are in relationships with individuals who have a substance use disorder and typically leads to psychological issues for the unaddicted party.  The idea of codependency is about depending on the other person for a sense of

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Extra-marital Temptation

A young wife and the mother of three preschoolers, Erin Chambers (not her real name) was struggling with a puzzling problem: the unexplainable urge to have an extra-marital affair. She had gone so far as to focus her fantasy on a specific man. The most confounding thing about Erin’s temptation was that she loved her husband, adored her children, and

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The Heart of Phil Leedy Lane

When you navigate the backroads of southcentral Kentucky, past the old country store and new homes that have recently been erected amid the old farms and fields, you’ll drive down a windy road coming onto the 115-acre Bridge to Recovery property that leads to Phil Leedy Lane. It’s a nice drive these days – not so much like days past

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Not the Last House on the Block

For fifty years, The Bridge to Recovery has become known as a “place to go when there is nothing else.” Many of our clients have tried a variety of other interventions, including: One-on-One Therapy Group Therapy Other Treatment Programs Recovery Groups 12-Step Programs Family Programs And many more. Many clients who have tried other interventions do very well in our

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