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Compulsive Spending

Experts say that the best time to intervene regarding someone’s alcoholism is when that person is suffering a hangover. So maybe the best time to discuss overspending is when people’s charge accounts are maxed out! When I was on the Internet gathering information about twelve-step organizations the other day, I came across a website for Debtors Anonymous. It offered a

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A Full Continuum of Care: An Alumnus shares their Experience

The Bridge to Recovery is dedicated to the notion that we are merely a small part of an individual’s recovery journey. We help clients through the hurdles they face which cause them to feel stuck in their lives, and build a toolbox that helps them navigate the future. We believe that success in recovery requires ongoing work. In the past

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Addiction and Religion

When Harold met Jim at work several months ago, Harold, a Christian, sensed immediately that Jim was lonely and in need of a friend and mentor. Once he had established a rapport with Jim, Harold shared the gospel with him and Jim accepted Christ as his Savior. Several weeks later, Jim told Harold, “I love God. I’m really trying to

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When Addictions Multiply

Suzanne, a college student suffered from multiple interacting dependency disorders. This means that she had two or more active addictions at the same time. Suzanne was hooked on drugs and alcohol, perfectionism, and managing her body image—which became an eating disorder. Until recently, co-existing conditions like Suzanne’s were called dual diagnosis and co-morbidity. Dual diagnosis denoted either the presence of

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Beyond Alcohol & Drugs

Behind the smiles and self-assurance of many faithful churchgoers lurk the pain, fear, and loneliness of addiction and codependence. Not long ago, I heard a recovering rageaholic acknowledge the physical and emotional abuse he had perpetrated against his wife and children for years while playing a key leadership role in his local church. The family kept his ugly secret, while

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When you NO It All

Recently, one of my sons emailed me a large file that included a number of photographs. When I tried to download the file, my little laptop computer hummed and blinked busily for five or ten minutes and then posted a message that said, “Shame on you—the file is too big.” I called my son, who obligingly divided the file in

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