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The Birth of the Trauma Tree

By: Neena Wilcox I remember twelve years ago when I began at The Bridge to Recovery, it was my fear for anyone to ask me in passing, “Oh, what do you do?” It is difficult to provide a short, simplistic answer to what we do. It’s compound. It’s complicated. It’s life-changing. “We provide healing to those who are in emotional

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Revisiting The Decades: Workaholism, the Respectable Addiction

Originally published over three months in 2001, co-founder Carol Cannon provided this in-depth insight into workaholism, which is still a common addressed at The Bridge to Recovery today. Addicted to Work Part One Workaholism is a respectable addiction. Of all the “clean” addictions, it is the most widely acculturated and socially acceptable. Diane Fassel, author of Working Ourselves to Death,

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Revisiting The Decades: Religion, Unhealthy Guilt, and Sex Addiction

Cofounders Paul & Carol Cannon had strong roots in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. They provided excellent insight into what many in the Church experience, and Carol wrote this article in September 2000 in regards to unhealthy guilt and sex addiction.  Addicted to Sex Have you ever been so intensely involved in a sexual relationship that you ignored other important

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Fundraising Day to Admissions Day: Amy’s Story

TBTR impacted my life in so many incredible ways, it is hard to summarize.  A few weeks before I found TBTR through an online search, I was walking in a park on the anniversary of my father’s passing, May 22.  I saw a little footbridge that was made by ‘Steadfast Bridges.’ That really stuck in my mind as I said

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Sex vs. Romance vs. Relationship Addictions

Clients often report to us during their prescreening admission process some sort of struggle with intimate relationships. In recent years, the term sex addiction is commonly used. Mainstream celebrities have even used their public platform to describe their own personal struggles with sex addiction. But it is important to understand the unique differences between all intimacy-related struggles and how they

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Beloved Blunderer or Pathological Perfectionist?

At The Bridge to Recovery, we talk a lot about perfectionism and do a lot of therapeutic work to overcome its grips. This article, written by our co-founder Carol Cannon in 2001 has certainly aged well. It seems we simply have become more accepting as a society of our ability – no, our need to do right, be right, and

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