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Fundraising Day to Admissions Day: Amy’s Story

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Fundraising Day to Admissions Day: Amy’s Story
Author: The Bridge to Recovery
Published: April 11, 2022

TBTR impacted my life in so many incredible ways, it is hard to summarize. 

A few weeks before I found TBTR through an online search, I was walking in a park on the anniversary of my father's passing, May 22. 

I saw a little footbridge that was made by 'Steadfast Bridges.'

That really stuck in my mind as I said a prayer for guidance and walked over the bridge. 

After days of researching recovery centers for anxiety and depression, I remembered the Steadfast Bridge sign. So, I decided to type in the word 'bridge' in my treatment center search. I found a link to a video for TBTR highlighting their Fundraising Day... and I nearly fell off my chair. The Fundraising day was May 22nd! 

It was right then that I knew God had a very special plan to connect me to this very special place.

The staff, my fellow 'tribe' members, and the incredible moments experienced here were all truly life-changing for me. 

"Let Go, Be Guided, Expect Miracles"

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