The Bridge to Recovery has worked with hundreds of Behavioral and Mental Health Professionals around the world to care for their clients through partnership, including Therapists, Interventionists, Case Managers, Treatment Program Staff (such as Clinical and Aftercare Teams, Family Program Teams, etc.), and Marketing/Outreach Consultants. Professionals that we have partnered with have provided extremely positive testimony regarding their experience referring to The Bridge, and describe the care that their client received as the so-often missed piece in the full continuum of care. Additionally, many Therapists who refer to our program say The Bridge to Recovery gave their client the boost needed to overcome huge hurdles hindering their ability to make progress in their individualized setting. 

We have a lot of great information for you and your client to visit if you are trying to determine if The Bridge to Recovery is the right fit. Please visit us at the links below, and always feel free to call us if you have any questions.

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