If you feel like The Bridge to Recovery may be a good fit for your client or patient, we encourage you to connect with us. There are several ways to make a referral to our program.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other!
We have wonderful outreach staff across the country that would love to get to know you. We also know how important it can be when personally recommending a program to have a contact person at the program that you have a relationship with. Additionally, we understand that in many cases, visiting the program is vitally important so that you can share that experience with your client/patient. Below, you will find a list of our wonderful outreach team who can help facilitate your connection to The Bridge.

Keats Komisar, Outreach Specialist
(615) 946-8678

Rae Ann Marquez, Outreach Specialist
(303) 704-6891

Deitra Abigt, Outreach Specialist
(214) 463-7283

Connect with Our Admissions Team!
Maybe you have someone in mind for our program. Give our Admissions Team a call, and let us help guide both you and your client through the process. Let us answer any questions you might have and learn about our program start dates. This will give you valuable information to share with your client. By letting us know that you may be making a referral, it allows us to ensure that we keep you in the loop of communication. We will never ask you to provide a client’s personal information that violates your ethical and confidentiality guidelines. However, being able to associate your name with a referral once they call in helps the process move seamlessly.

Stephanie Ketchey, Director of Admissions
(877) 866-8661

Let Us Connect with Your Client
If you have discussed the idea of attending The Bridge to Recovery with your client/patient, but they are hesitant to make contact, we are happy to reach out to them (with their permission, of course). We understand how scary it can be to make the decision to attend any program, especially when it means leaving your home and your family for any amount of time. This is something every one of our clients experiences to some degree, and our wonderful admissions staff is ready and able to help address, calm, and overcome these challenging obstacles your client is presenting. If you have their consent to share their information, give us a call and we will happily connect with them.

Have them Connect with Us!
Maybe you have shared your recommendation and information about our program, but they still are not sure about their decision. Encourage them to check out our website and give us a call to answer their more specific questions and calm any of their fears. But remember, by calling us and giving us a heads up, even without providing any of your client’s personal information, it allows us to better communicate with you if/when your client does call us.