If you are in a position where your loved one wants to seek help, but your family is unsure where to start or how to actually seek help, we can help guide you and your loved through the process. 

If you are not sure if The Bridge to Recovery would be a good fit for your loved one, we highly encourage you to give us a call. Sometimes picking up the phone for that first call to get the ball rolling can feel like a one-thousand-pound phone call, especially for your loved one’s who feels a state of impending change. Having someone you love make that first call and begin getting information can make taking the first step enormously easier. Calling our team is always zero obligation, and that means you do not have to share any information with us that you are unwilling to share. We are happy to simply answer questions if that is what is comfortable.

It is also important to note that we are a very small program doing very specific work around healing trauma and emotional pain. If it turns out we may not be the best fit for your loveds one’s current needs, it is our ethical and moral responsibility to help you find the right program resources for them. We will never try and convince someone to attend our program when it is not the right situation or timing – that would be traumatizing to both the client and the milieu of the group, and additionally would be damaging to our excellent reputation. Even if we are not the right fit for your family member, we are still happy to help with the process of finding them the right program that is the perfect fit. Consider us a free resource to help guide your family either way.

With all of that said, CONGRATULATIONS, because even seeking out information on the web, landing on our page, and beginning the information gathering process is a huge step toward your family finding healing and recovery. Click around on our website to dive into more great information to help your family decide if The Bridge to Recovery could be the right fit.

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Share the information you have found with your loved one and encourage them to click around on our page. If you and your loved one feel that the time is now and they are interested in attending a program at The Bridge to Recovery, call us today so that we can begin the over-the-phone assessment process. Again there is zero obligation to attend.